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Eco-Friendly Products

Sambor Stone is a proud fabricator of IceStone, a high-density (13,000 to 16,000 PSI), low-porosity slab that has the strength of quarried stone. It is proudly manufactured in Brooklyn, New York by a team of men and women dedicated to create the most environmentally friendly durable surface available with three core ingredients - recycled glass, Portland cement and pigment.

Only Certified Fabricators can purchase and install IceStone durable surfaces. Sambor Stone is the only fabricator in the area to have completed the comprehensive training and certification program .

Ice Stone began in 2003 with a simple concept; transform waste glass into something beautiful. Today, their signature recycled glass and cement products remain an icon of the new countertop industry, delivering unparalleled style that bring design projects to life.

Sambor Stone is dedicated to providing its clients with an Eco-Friendly choice in solid surfaces.  IceStone durable surfaces' high recycled content, certifications, and manufacturing location can help contribute several credit points toward your project's LEED certification.